Drake’s Album Is 90 Percent Done

Drake's Album Is 90 Percent Done


Drakes Album Is 90 Percent Done - Drake's Album Is 90 Percent Done7;s upcoming is nearly complete, though we7;ll have to wait a little longer for that final stretch.

This year was supposed to a big one for hip-hop, with rumored releases  , and  in the pipeline. Unfortunately, the COVID-9 pandemic left the world in shambles, with the music industry taking a hit as a result. With the ability to properly mount a tour officially tossed out the window, many artists have been left playing the waiting game, a that might end up having a positive effect on the rap music being produced; now, artists can forget about rapid turnaround and instead take their time, hopefully leading to some material.

It7;s no secret that has been hard at work on his -up to 087;s Scorpion, an that many criticized as being overloaded and underwhelming ; despite boasting a few notable standouts for those willing to take the plunge. , associate and engineer OVO Noel took to Instagram to provide an update on the project, confirming that the untitled release is actually ninety-percent complete. The revelation arrives with a small caveat, however.

20;Ya7;ll gonna have to wait on the last 0%,; he writes, with a digital shrug. Though information on what the pair have been cooking is scarce, Drizzy has openly spoken of his surrounding his next release ; it7;s only a matter of time we see this one landing, even with a wait attached. Perhaps October should expected, the association and all. Are you excited to see this one land?


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