Logic Unveils Slew Of “No Pressure” Merchandise


GettyImages 477801942 1 - Logic Unveils Slew Of "No Pressure" MerchandiseFollowing the release of his brand new album “,” unveils a lineup of new .

Following the release of his retirement album No Pressure,  has once again established himself as the people’s champion. Perhaps it’s simply a case of missing what’s about to leave, or perhaps it’s simply that Bobby Tarantino really came through and delivered his A-Game on this one. Either way,  is already projected to end the week at the top of the charts, all while reminding the game what ’s capable of on the microphone. It’s no wonder he’s going all out with this one, taking to Instagram to unveil a slew of new .

“I fought hard to keep all of this merch super affordable for you guys and also just added some new items,” captions , alongside a digital display case of twenty new merch items. “Only two days left before the store closes!” For those interested in wearing their Bobby love on their sleeve, perhaps literally in this case, behold one of several options: t-shirts, sweaters, shorts, sweatpants, facemasks (expect this to be the new normal), and physical copies of the album.

For those interested in switching it up, has also offered up a new vinyl edition of complete with an alternate limited edition cover. Should you be interested in a minimalist cover, perhaps this is exactly what the doctor ordered. Check it out for yourself below, and sound off — are you going to cop some Bobby gear for the upcoming fall season?


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